Corporate Finance & Advisory Services

thirty3degrees provides a wide range of tailored corporate finance and business advisory services aimed at assisting our clients with:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (including financial modelling, negotiations, legal arrangements and funding requirements)
  • Asset Management
  • Due diligence and data room processes and valuations
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganisations
  • Project reviews, feasibilities and implementation
  • Request for proposal processes
  • Business Plan preparation and/or review


Loan / Equity Capital Raising

thirty3degrees assists its clients to secure both debt and equity financing, by attending to the procurement and, if applicable, syndication of the required finance.

As independent advisors, we source financing from the most suited partner or provider, based on the specific requirements or circumstances of each transaction. In this way, we are able to achieve favourable pricing, viable security structures, and appropriate terms and conditions.

The procurement process can be both complex and time consuming, which translates into the potential to become a distraction from core management and operational focus areas of the business concerned. To avoid such distrations, and enable our clients to remain focused on their core functions, thirty3degrees assists with the structuring and implementation of the funding arrangements in a number of ways, including:

  • Initiating and leading discussions with prospective financiers/investors
  • Preparing and reviewing financial cash flow models
  • Initiating and leading discussions with prospective financiers/investors
  • Identifying risks, including foreign exchange and interest rate risks
  • Reviewing and evaluating funding proposals
  • Assisting with negotiations, finalising the legal arrangement, and implementing the funding documentation
  • Assisting with the fulfilment of suspensive conditions in the funding documentation, including regulatory and exchange control approvals
  • Monitoring the debt profile against forecast cash flows
  • Liaising with the financiers with regard to financial covenants and reporting information.


Debt Management

To assist borrowers who may be experiencing financial difficulties, thirty3degrees offers a comprehensive debt management service, including:

  • Investigating the viability of restructuring the existing debt
  • Determining the best structure for such a solution
  • Initiating discussions with lenders around the terms and conditions of a debt restructuring package
  • Negotiating the restructure package with lenders
  • Assisting with the implementation of the restructure package.


Syndicated Debt Facilitation

Complex financing arrangements involving the syndication of funding to a number of financiers typically require the appointment of a facility agent. This agent is responsible for administering all interactions between the borrower and the various financiers until the funding arrangement matures. As independent financial experts with no affiliation to any particular bank or financial intermediary, thirty3degrees is well positioned to fulfill this role.